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Early Years

The Emerald Brigade began in 1996 school year when the school first opened. The band was under the direction of Paul Everts. In our early years, we were an aspiring marching band uniformed in matching polo shirts. With a steady passion for music and dedication to practice, the band slowly ascended.

In fall of 2000, the final year of the band's first 4 year senior class, the band had its first major taste of victory they took first in their division at the Del Oro band spectacular. In fall of 2001, Performing a "Sailing" show, featuring "Come Sail Away" by Styx, "Russian Sailor's Dance",N'sync's "Sailing" and other sailing tunes, the band took grand sweepstakes at Lodi.

Four years later, after a very successful marching season featuring Malaguena and Medea . Mr. Everts left the band to teach elsewhere. 

With the same winning spirit as when the organization was founded, the Granite Bay Emerald Brigade continues to flourish and succeed under the direction of Lynn Kulikowski. In the past four years the band has climbed to the ranks of excellence and performed in the world famous Carnagie Hall.  The band has come a long way since the first polo shirt performance and constantly strives to maintain the integrity and dedication from those early years.