Incoming Freshmen

Download the EB 2017-18 Band Handbook at the bottom of the page

If you are interested in joining the Emerald Brigade your Freshman year.....

The band program at GBHS is of the highest caliber and has earned the distinction as one of the best bands in Northern California .  The Marching Band and Color Guard have competed several years with an undefeated NCBA season and have been the WBA CHAMPIONS in our division.  The Emerald Brigade consistently earns top scores in all aspects of competition.   The Concert Band has performed at the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall.  In addition to performing with the Emerald Brigade, the students are still able to accomplish great things.

GBHS Band students have:
·         Average GPA: 3.77
·         24 people have a GPA over 4.0
·         65 people have a GPA over 3.5
·         56 people reported taking at least one Honors or AP course
Of those 56 people, the average number of honors and AP courses taken is 4.88 with a low of one and a high of fifteen.
Members of the Band also compete in the following sports/activities….

Musical Theater
Swim Team
Track and Field
Mountain Bike Club
Boy Scouts
Capitol Section Honor Band
Northern CA Honor Band Members
Cross Country
ALL STATE Honor Band Members

Cheat Sheet for Freshman Classes
It is sometimes confusing to sign up for classes as a freshman, so here is a little primer.
4x4 block schedule means you schedule 4 classes each semester
8 classes per year
10 classes if you are in band since Marching Band is zero period
When you fill out your class request for your freshman year it should look like this:
Percussion Ensemble ,  Wind/Brass Ensemble,  or ColorGuard Ensemble
English 9 – required, one semester
PE 9 - required, one semester
Health and Safety- required, one semester
Marching Band (zero period)
Band (zero period)
Symphonic Band (freshman year only)
Three Classes to fill as you will

                                                        Arriving at Freshman Band Camp

                                   Welcome to the Emerald Brigade!

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Jun 15, 2017, 6:42 PM