Video Gallery

Welcome to the Emerald Brigade Video Gallery!  Below you will find links to various YouTube videos of competitions from Marching Band, Winter Percussion, and Winter Guard performances, among other things.  Enjoy!

If you have some videos you would like to share with the group, please email the link (like from YouTube) to and we will share here in the video gallery!  

2015-16 Emerald Brigade Season Videos

And here it is: the performance that captured the WBA class 4A championship!

WBA Championships

Logan Field Show

Foothill Field Show Wide Screen

Foothill Field Show

Del Oro Field Show

Oakmont Field Show

2014-15 Emerald Brigade Season Videos

2014 WBA Grand Final

Video courtesy of Homestead High School

2014 Logan Field Show

2014 Folsom Field Show

2014 Foothill Field Show

2014 Del Oro Field Show

2014 Oakmont Field Show

2013-14 Emerald Brigade Season Videos

New York Trip Video by Jack Armstrong

2013 WBA Finals

2013 WBA Finals - Field View

2013 Logan WBA Field Show

2013 Folsom Field Show

2013 Foothill Field Show

2013 Del Oro Field Show

2013 Oakmont Field Show

2015-16 Winter Group / Concert Band Videos

2014-15 Winter Percussion Videos

2013-14 Winter Percussion & Guard Videos

2014 Winter Percussion Championship Performance

2014 Winter Guard Show

2014 Winter Percussion Homestead Show